We can be free from gun violence

We Can Be Free From Gun Violence


Everyone Has the Right to Be Safe From Gun Violence

We advocate for ways to reduce gun violence in Oregon using research and community-based policymaking. Together, we can protect the public from the epidemic of gun violence in our state.

Current Campaign: Safe Storage of Firearms

It is Time To Require Safe Storage of Guns in Oregon

Failure to properly store firearms puts our communities at risk. Unlocked, unsecured guns greatly increase the risk that a child or other unauthorized person will gain access to a gun and put themselves and others in danger.

Oregon has no clear standard for how firearms should be safely stored. That is why citizens are coming together to support this effort, which would set standards for how all residents should responsibly secure and store firearms.

Please join our grassroots effort to pass legislation to ensure responsible gun ownership in Oregon.

Our success depends on support from people like you