We can be free from gun violence



Everyone Has the Right to Be Safe From Gun Violence

We have been galvanized by the continued epidemic of gun violence, unique to the United States compared to the rest of the developed world. Given the millions of guns already present in our communities and with more being sold every day, it is vital that we adopt better standards for what it means to be a responsible gun owner and policies that reduce the number of gun deaths in our state.

State of Safety Action is carrying forward the work started in 2018 with Oregon Initiative Petition 44 and Oregonians for Safe Gun Storage. State of Safety Action is affiliated with State of Safety, a nonprofit dedicated to providing an evidence-based, nonpartisan voice for Oregon’s gun safety community.  

We are committed to working with stakeholders from across our state to build consensus around smarter gun laws and ways to prevent gun violence. We welcome all voices and perspectives in the conversation about how we can make our communities safer.

Our success depends on support from people like you.