The State of Safe Storage: Disappointed but not Discouraged

Oregon’s 2019 legislative session has ended without safe gun storage legislation passing. We were optimistic in January that the Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth Act (House Bill 2505 and Senate Bill 275) would become law. We had strong sponsorship in both the House and the Senate, and our “whip count” said we had the votes needed. We believe that safe gun storage could have become law during the 2019 session if our stand-alone bills had been given separate hearings and floor votes. The failure to pass safe storage legislation means additional lives needlessly lost this year.

Do you believe more could and should be done to eliminate or reduce gun violence? We do. We are committed to passing a safe storage law in 2020!

Here’s our plan: We will be reintroducing safe storage legislation for the February-March 2020 session. To ensure passage, we’ll be working to gain additional sponsorship and bi-partisan support.

It will take all of us to be successful. In the coming months, we’ll be asking you to add your voice to State of Safety Action.

When it comes to gun violence, we do not yet live in a State of Safety, but working together we can!

Thomas Mosher