Petition for safe-storage ballot measure filed today! ✓


A week ago, we were disappointed but not discouraged following the failure to pass safe gun storage in the 2019 Legislative Session. Today we took a first step to ensuring Oregon adopts a safe gun storage law in 2020.   

This morning we filed a prospective petition for placing The Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth Act on the ballot in November 2020. We have prepared this ballot measure in case the legislature does not pass safe storage during the February-March 2020 Session. 

Our proposed ballot measure will reduce gun violence by requiring all gun owners to responsibly store their firearms:

  • Firearms must be secured against unauthorized access when not in use

  • Lost or stolen firearms must be promptly reported to law enforcement

  • Gun owners will be strictly liable for damages resulting in failure to follow the law

Jenna Yuille and Paul Kemp join me as chief petitioners on the measure. Jenna and Paul have both lost family members to gun violence after an individual gained unauthorized access to a firearm that the owner had failed to safely store. I’m honored to work with Jenna and Paul on passing this legislation, whether at the ballot or via the legislature.

Before the end of August we need to collect 1,000 qualifying signatures to obtain a ballot title. If you can help with signature gathering, let us know by emailing with “I WANT TO HELP!” in the subject line. 

This Act will start saving lives as soon as it becomes law. Working together, we can reduce gun violence in Oregon! 

Henry Wessinger

State of Safety Action

Will Fries